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What makes PROPERTYMAX unique

“As an owner of a relatively small portfolio, I have found that most property management systems are expensive and cumbersome to use, and fees charged by property managers can be a bit much. Luckily this solution allows me to easily self-manage my properties, and make sure that all payments are collected professionally – all for a small fixed fee per property, no matter how much rent each one of my units collects.”


With PROPERTYMAX, easy property management can finally be within the reach of small portfolio holders of properties.

The PROPERTYMAX team will assist you in setting up your recurring invoices, leases and their renewal dates, tenants and their information, template documents and letters, expenses and the corresponding line items, email and SMS templates, as well as other useful property information, such as the property’s valuation, its location, floor plans and pictures.

Once set up, PROPERTYMAX will greatly reduce the pain of managing your property portfolio, and will ensure that all administration and maintenance is taken care of, making life easier for owners and their team, as well as greatly reducing the cost of management and collections.

How PROPERTYMAX costing is calculated?

There is a small fee to setup each property, after which a small, fixed monthly fee will be incurred, no matter how much the rental.

How many user roles PROPERTYMAX has?

The system allows for an owner/manager, accountant, maintenance manager and tenants to access, each with different views.

WHAT PROPERTYMAX can do for owners?

The system greatly reduces the cost of managing your properties, and keeps your books, workers and tenants up-to-date.

How PROPERTYMAX can be accessed?

It can be accessed by all roles through any smart-device with internet access – desktop, tablet or mobile.


Key Features

Manage Billing

Automatically bill your tenants when rent is due, send payment reminders, expense utility bills, and generate tax invoices, all with minimal intervention and administration, and have these communicated via SMS and email.

Manage Collections

Manage payments done by tenants, whether paid manually to the bank account, or automatically through debit orders, and ensure that all payments are recorded, including late payments, and proof-of-payments are saved when needed.

Manage Leases

Leases and their terms can all be captured in one central location, and renewals of these can also be managed. Notifications of upcoming lease expirations allow you to manage renewals better.

Manage Maintenance

Tenants can submit maintenance issues/requests through the mobile-friendly portal, and notifications can be sent to contractors via SMS and/or email. Job cards can then either be billed to the tenant, or captured as a company expense.

Manage Staff

Jobs being done can be tracked on the timeline, including work billed on a time-bound basis. Workers can start a timer when commencing work, and stop it when done, and these timesheets can be viewed by management and billed, if necessary.

Manage Tenants

Maintain tenant information, payment history, and keep notes about the tenants credit history, legal cases, black-listings, as well as track all interactions with them in a precise communication log.

Manage Reports

Reports on occupancy, rental payments, expenses and portfolio performance can easily be generated and used for accounting and record-keeping purposes.

Manage Expenses

Easily record expenses, as well as those which are recurring, and reconcile theses expenses with income. These can then be billed to the company or the tenant, depending on their nature.

Manage Accounting

Cash-flow, income statements and balance sheets, accounts receivable, and their aging can be viewed and exported with ease, allowing you to keep your accounts in order, and use the data to make better business decisions.

Manage Documents

Attachments of important legal or operational documents can be added for almost any transaction e.g. proof of payments for invoices. These can be seen throughout the lifecycle of the tenant's or property's history.

Manage Communications

All users, owners, tenants and staff can access the portal to communicate with each other. All communication can be reviewed later for management and auditing purposes.

How does PROPERTYMAX work


How Much PROPERTYMAX will cost you



Medium Cost

3 Bedroom Family Home

The owner of this medium cost house has a maintenance employee available to fix any issues with the house. The owner assigns work to the maintenance foreman via SMS seamlessly through the platform.

They have also rented this unit out to a young family and want to ensure that payment is always collected.


Per month

Luxury Apartment

2 Bedroom Apartment

The owner of this single luxury apartment constantly has guests coming into their temporary accommodation which need to be managed more effectively.

PropertyMax allows owners to see all the sales as they come in, as well as allow their guests to log into the tenant portal with their own login, and see their visit history, as well as see their outstanding invoices.

The owner can also manage tasks assigned to the cleaner, and ensure that work is always done.


Per month


Family Home

2 Unit Luxury Multi-Residential

This luxury multi-residential is ideal for an upmarket family, and has 2 staying in each. Every month rental is collected easily through the client portal which the tenants adore.


Per month


40 x 2 Bedroom Flats

This property manager manages 40 units consisting of 2 bedroom flats which are in different complexes.

She would like to always ensure that rent is paid on time, and automatically send SMSs to tenants with late payment reminders, as well as bill the tenant for utilities and maintenance work.


Per month


Luxury Units

4 Unit Multi-Residential

The owner of these ultra luxury multi-residential houses in a premium neighborhood have made a significant investment, and have a mortgage to pay consistently.

They want to ensure that the upmarket families that have occupied the premises have a professional experience, and that they can raise maintenance issues online through the tenant portal, and be guaranteed that these jobs are efficiently completed, and progress is always communicated.

Leases, invoices and maintenance work are all easily shared between tenant and owner, and the mortgage is always paid on time.


Per month

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