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Keep a record of everything.

Store a record of all documents and activities for full transparency

Complete trail of all events & transactions

Digitally store leases, contracts, letters of demand for easy retrieval. Ensure that all


Store all your tenants’ leases electronically for easy retrieval at any time in the future. You can also optionally create a template which can be auto-populated with the new/existing tenant’s information to quickly create a lease agreement. The lease can either be signed digitally, or can be printed and re-uploaded to the system as a PDF.

Lease renewals

Renewing leases has never been easier. With a simple click of one button, the process to extend the lease, escalate the rental, create a new invoice and update the lease terms can all be handled for you with minimal human intervention.

The system will even keep a track of all the renewals for your, to see how your property has performed throughout the years.

Secure document storage

All data is stored on secure servers hosted on Microsoft Azure, ensuring that the highest security standards are maintained at all times.

Data is periodically backed up automatically, and uptime of servers is practically guaranteed, allowing you to rest easy, knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Audit logs

All transactions and interactions with the system, even by the admin, are recorded in separate log files. These allow for a detailed look at all the cumulative actions, transactions and decisions taken for each tenant/property, and allow for better auditing after the fact.


Letters of demand, termination letters, legal dispute letters and others can also be created and sent to the tenant through the system, all the while keeping a track record of all the communication for future use.