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Improve service quality and responsiveness.

Manage tenant communications and maintenance requests with the highest professionalism

Tenant Management Made Simple

Manage every aspect of the tenure of your tenant, and ensure that all interactions are captured securely.

Tenant Portal

Allow the tenant to access all their data by themselves. Each tenant can logon to the online portal, initiate maintenance requests, view their lease, and see previous payment history from the start of the lease.

Maintenance Requests

Tenants can initiate a request for maintenance work through the online portal. Being online allows for responses to be easily tracked and followed up on by the management team, even when they are on the field.

Payment History & Management

A full record of payments can be retrieved at any time by both the property owner, accounting team, or the tenant. All invoices will show when each was paid, and if any have outstanding balances. Any late fees added, and/or expenses billed will also be captured for full transparency in billing.